Any Niagara Resident may choose to either call, type or text your tip to Crime Stoppers. To ensure your information and identity remains anonymous Crime Stoppers Niagara invites you to follow the steps below.

  • CALL: toll free 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) anywhere in North America.

  • TYPE: To enter a tip online, please use this form.

For reward purposes, you will be given a unique code number. Do not disclose it to anyone other than the tip operator when you call the Crime Stopper’s for an update.

After you have sent your tip a confirmation reference number will be given or sent to you. This reference number allows you to follow up with Crime Stoppers at a later date whether the tip resulted in an arrest. Do not lose or disclose this number to anyone except Crime Stoppers.

Our Tip Line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and receives over 16,500 tips per year.

Crime Stoppers is a program, separate from the emergency telephone number system or other standard methods of contacting police.

Crime Stoppers enables citizens to provide crime solving assistance to the authorities without being directly involved in the investigation process.

Crime Stoppers have more than 1700 programs in 32 countries.

Niagara Crime Stoppers is just one of thirty-eight Crime Stoppers Ontario , and we are just one of eighteen in the South Western Ontario.

How to Stop, Solve and Prevent Crime – Together

Crime Stoppers is a program, separate from the emergency telephone number system or other standard methods of contacting police, that allows a member of the community to provide anonymous information about criminal activity. This allows a person to provide crime solving assistance to the authorities without being directly involved in the investigation process. Like Niagara, Crime Stopper programs are operated in many communities worldwide.
It was in July of 1976, which saw the fatal shooting of Michael Carmen while he was working one night at a local filling station in Albuquerque, New Mexico which started it all.

Ontario Statistics

  • Arrests: 124,106

  • Cases Cleared: 132,418

  • Rewards Paid: $8,054,391

  • Arson Loss Value: $16,472,779

  • Property Recovered: $303,027,822

  • Drugs Seized: $1,918,401,534

  • Total Dollars Recovered: $2,221,419,356


This Crime Stoppers program is funded by private donations and fund-raising. The reward money paid out by the program is from the fund-raising and donations made by concerned citizens, organizations and businesses.


The Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers is based on the simple principle that for every crime committed someone other than the criminal has information that might solve it. Crime Stoppers is the brainchild of a Canadian-born Albuquerque, New Mexico police detective, Greg MacAleese. MacAleese was assigned to investigate a 1976 robbery gone afoul that resulted in the senseless shooting of a young part-time employee of a gas station. Frustrated by the lack of a solid investigative lead in this case, MacAleese recognized there were two reasons the public did not communicate information concerning crime to authorities. These two prohibitions were a valid fear of reprisal and pervasive public apathy. This crime occurred at dusk, in a well-travelled neighbourhood in Albuquerque, leading MacAleese to believe that someone, other than the killers, must have knowledge concerning this homicide.

He reasoned that if he were to offer a cash reward, to overcome the apathy, while guaranteeing anonymity, to protect against reprisal, he might be able to solve this case. He contacted the local media, staged an on-site televised re-enactment of the crime and offered a cash reward from his own pocket for information that led to an arrest of the persons responsible. He set up a secure “tips” line and invited the public, after viewing the re-enactment, to call with information. He received a number of calls and the case was solved.

Crime Stoppers is a partnership of the public, police and media which provides the community with a proactive Program to anonymously assist in solving crime and contributing to an improved quality of life.

The Crime Stoppers triad was forged when MacAleese approached several members of the community to serve on a governing board of directors to administer the fledgling programme and raise the necessary charitable funding. The concept of the community, the media and the police working together to solve crime spread rapidly to point where there are Crime Stoppers programmes across the United States, Canada, Britain, South Africa, Guam and Australia. In Ontario, there are 39 Crime Stoppers programmes, linked together by a national toll-free Crime Stoppers telephone number (1-800-222-8477 or TIPS), covering the entire geography of our Province. The impact of this crime fighting network in Ontario has been astounding! Since the original Ontario programme commenced operation in 1983 to the end of 1999 Crime Stoppers tips have led to the arrest of 50,000 persons.

If you have any information to help us solve a crime, please call 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) Your identity will remain anonymous!